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Diamond’s Merino Wool Helping Arthritis Sufferers.

Arthritis is a chronic condition that many suffer from. According to Stats Canada, in 2016 more than 20% of Canadians above the age of 15 is diagnosed with arthritis. This disorder should not decrease the quality of your life. As for many knitting does not just come as a hobby. Instead for those who suffer […]

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Knitting Lingo

Knitting Lingo Is there a secret code in the world of knitting?  In order to fully relate to other knitters, who knew we had to learn not only the written pattern abbreviations but also the hidden meanings of acronyms currently winging their way around online knit n chat groups, ravelry forums, and any other chicks with sticks get-togethers.  Is it just a matter […]

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Knitting Tricks

Who said you can’t teach an experienced knitter a few new tricks?  It seems the more we knit, the more we have to learn about timesaving tips, the best finishing methods and helpful stitch techniques to make our favorite craft so much more enjoyable.  Plus they can be really fun to pass on to your knitting friends. Here […]

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