Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of operations
8.30 to 4.30

155 martin Ross Ave unit 3 north York Ontario Canada



How do I open a wholesale account with Diamond Yarn?

It’s simple, just a simple phone call to our head office at 416-736-6111 and the process will start.

Are there minimum orders?

Yes, to open an account, you need to buy minimum of $500, after that there are no minimums.

What type of credit terms can I expect?

Initially we do not provide credit terms, you pay, at the time of purchase, after one year, we evaluate the situation, and start with a small line of $500, it’s exactly, when you have no credit history and you apply for credit card.

Does diamond accept credit cards?

Yes we accept Mastercard/Visa

How long it takes to ship my order?

Once the order is received, we ship within 24 hours

What type of delivery service Diamond Yarn uses?

Canadapost/Canpar, UPS and any other service that is reliable and gives the best rates.

What if not all my order is in stock?

If some items are not in stock, we will inform you, and give you best estimate of re-stocking that item

Many times we will offer alternate products.

How can I place my order?

You can place on-line, by phone, or in person

Does Diamond provides marketing and sales support?

Yes Diamond provides full range of consulting, sales material and any other help and guidance that stores requires.

How will I know if new shipment has arrived?

We constantly update our website, so please check it frequently to see what’s in stock.

Can I make an installment plans?

From time to time Diamond Yarn offers installment plans of large orders to customers who have good track record for payments.

What are Diamond Yarn’s credit terms?

30 days to customers with strong credit history with diamond

Does Diamond provides free shipping?

Unfortunately, as diamond work on very low margins, we cannot provide free shipping, we do get preferential rates, and we pass on savings to you.

How often diamond introduces new products

Diamond constantly offers new products, however main products are offered in November for the following spring and in April for upcoming winter season.

Can I make a special order?

Yes you can make a special order, depending if it’s feasible to bring it in keeping freight cost in mind.

Can I walk-in and pick my order?

Yes we will be happy to see you in person.

Does Diamond sells Canadian yarns?

Yes it does

Does Diamond Yarn offer has 24/7 service?

Yes, you can call anytime and call is forwarded to someone who can assist you in real time.

Can I call to ask if a particular product is available?

Yes we will be happy to assist you.

How many type of yarns does Diamond carries.

We take pride in the fact, that we carry hundreds of types, for every taste and every price point

Can I get a volume discount?

We are a wholesaler, our margins are based on customers buying volume, but despite that on case by case basis we make some discounts depending on the products.

How often diamond puts items on sale

Diamond’s sale of the week is legendary in the industry, keep an eye on every Wednesday and Thursday, you will get a mailer from Diamond with outstanding deals.